Connecting to a VM via HTTP

We are working on setting up a VPN which would simplify this process, but for now if you want to connect to HTTP services on your Supercell VM, you will need to connect using an ssh proxy. Before following the directions below, be sure you have ssh setup properly - see Connecting via SSH for more info.

Once you have connected to the Supercell jumphost ( using SSH, you will be able to setup a SOCKS proxy in your browser connected to localhost port 8080. This is the '-D 8080' portion of the ssh command given on the Connecting via SSH documentation.


In Firefox, this is done under Preferences → Advanced → Network → Settings. Once in that settings window, select 'Manual Proxy Configuration', and then under 'Socks Host', enter, port 8080, then select Socks v5 and click OK. This will allow you to connect to a website on your VM by entering the IP address into your browser (of the form 10.20.x.x). If you want to use the local DNS name (*.osuosl.test), there is a setting in about:config which will forward DNS requests through the SOCKS proxy. To enable this, go to 'about:config', and then change the setting network.proxy.socks_remote_dns to true.


In Chromium, go to Preferences → Under The Hood → Network → Change Proxy Settings. Note that Chromium will update your system proxy settings and not just internal Chromium settings. Set the Socks Host to, port 8080. Chromium will automatically use the socks proxy for DNS, so you should now be able to connect to your VM using either the DNS name (*.osuosl.test), or via the IP address (10.20.x.x). Note that now all your browsing traffic is going through the jumphost, so please disable this proxy setting once you are done connecting to your VM.

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